The Port of the Future

The Suape Port has great differential traits from other public ports, placing it on a prominent position in the Northern and Northeastern regions. It is a sheltered port, with calm waters whose depths vary from 15,5 to 20 meters, Suape operates on all 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, without tide or weather condition restrictions.

It is linked to over 160 ports around the world by the main sea navigation  routes. With direct routes to countries in Europe, South and North America, the port is responsible for the distribution of cargo to all of the continents.

With its privileged location in the Northeastern region, it is within a radius of 800km from 7 of the 9 state capitals of the Northeast; from 12 airports, 6 of which are international ones, and an overall universe of 46 million habitants.

It is under full growth and expansion, and specialists expect the Suape Port to become South America's greatest hub port, for polarizing great megacarrier routes (great  world shippers and operators of regular routes).

The Suape Port is among the 10 public ports of Brazil with the best sea connection options and greatest commercial representability. It also is one of the 12 public ports with the highest amount of regular routes and general cargo ships, roll-on/roll-off and container ships.

It is also among the six ports with greatest amount of container ship stopovers annually, being the North and Northeast's port with the greatest volume of container movement.

Regarding cargo handling, the port has been growing annually above average among Brazilian public ports. In 2016 it should wrap up with a 15% increase in movimentation of products that arrive or leave Suape. In 2015, Suape became the leader in liquid bulk and cargo coasting movimentation within the national public port rank. In 2016, the highlights were vehicle movimentation, which grew over 200% when compared to 2015 (importation and exportation).


Privileged Location

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Connected to more than 160 ports worldwide 

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National leader in liquid bulk movimentation



Largest public port in coasting movimentation