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Development with Sustainability

Development with Sustainability

Suape's Industrial Port Complex develops several projects within its territory in order to guarantee that the three pilars of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) coexist  and interact, collaborating with Pernambuco's economic growth.

The Complex has an area of 13.5 thousand hectares, and reserves 59% of its territory to environmental preservation within the Ecological Preservation Zone (ZPEC). This zone is characterized by the environmental diversity found in the Atlantic forest biome, and is located in the counties of Cabo de Santo Agostinho and Ipojuca, improving quality life of the habitants of urban areas and promoting a balance with industrial activity.

In order to carry out its forest restoration projects, Suape has a greenhouse, since 1995, with the capacity to produce annually 450 thousand atlantic forest saplings. Within the area of environmental education, its administration offers courses and workshops, following the United Nation's Environmental Program's guidelines, to the habitants of neighboring communities, teachers, students, employees of the companies installed at Suape, dealing with environmental pedagogy and sustainable development.

It also develops Suape's Water Program, a pioneer in water courses in Brazil. It consists of the projects Jardim Algodoais and Nascentes, which aim to recover the Algodoais Stream, a 10km water course that cuts through Suape's Industrial Complex's Zone.

Other projects and actions are either in progress or permanently carried out by Suape with the goal to ally economic development, environmental protection and improvement of the lives of the habitants of the Complex's territory.


59% of Suape's 13,5 thousand hectares are destined to environmental conservation

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450 thousand seedlings is the Tree Nursery's annual capacity


29 tons of recyclable material either collected or donated from 2015 to 2016

Meio Ambiente 02 More than a thousand hectares of atlantic forest within the Complex


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