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Step by step to Invest in Suape

Step by step to invest in Suape

A company interested in settling in Suape must fill in the PPI form (Investment Project Profile) (next stage).

The information will be analyzed by technical staff in order to schedule the first meeting. Subsequently, adequate areas for the enterprise will be identified, according to Suape's Director Plan, in order to be presented to the company.

Evaluation reports will be elaborated regarding the land of interest, and they will serve as a basis for the process of bidding sale or lease for the land.

The company should comply with the deadlines defined by Suape in order to present the executive project, the licensing process, the beginning of construction and operation.

With the intent to promote investments in the state of Pernambuco, the companies that settle at Suape's Industrial Port Complex have access to federal, state and municipal fiscal incentives.

Within the federal scope, it is possible to obtain a reduction in the percentage to be paid  in the Juridical Person Tax (IRP), in addition to an exemption on the Additional Freight for the Renewing of the Merchant Marine (AFRMM) and an exemption on the Tax over Imported Products (IPI), for specific sectors.

Within the state scope, incentives are offered for strategic sectors, such as the naval, automobile, and renewable energy industries among others.

There is also the possibility to obtain a reduction on municipal taxes, such as the ISS and IPTU.

In order to learn more about our fiscal incentives, access: Publication.


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