Complex's Development Poles

Suape's Industrial Port Complex is comprised of more than 100 companies of national and international capital, under implementation or already operating, whose private investments surpass R$50 billion. Together, the companies located at the Complex are responsible for the creation of more than 18 thousand direct jobs. Along with offering jobs and income within Suape's strategic territory, these ventures boost the state's economy, with the sourcing of small, medium, or large scale companies, throughout the entire state. The companies  actuate in ten business centers, they are: Logistics, Liquid Bulk and Gases, Naval and Offshore, Petrochemical, Plastic preform, Wind Power Components, Power Generation, Metalmechanic, Foods and Drinks, and Construction Material.  Spread throughout the territory, these centers make Suape the most complete port in Brazil, receiving, distributing and exporting raw materials, basic supplies and final products.

Below follows the list of companies, divided by centers, which are currently operating. The remaining companies are under a process of implementation, and due to business strategies, cannot be yet disclosed.


Liquid Bulk and Gas Center

Suape's Complex has a complete center of liquid bulk and gas, gathering structuring enterprises and a group of operations important to the productive chain. The liquid storage capacity can reach up to 731,774 m³ with the tanker.





Logistic Center

The logistic center is formed by ventures located at the industrial zone and the port zone. This center guarantees the storage and distribution of cargos that arrive and leave the port's area, in addition to being strategic for cargo handling inside and outside Suape.




Offshore and Naval Center

At the Offshore and Naval Center are located both of Suape's shipyards; The South Atlantic Shipyard (EAS) and the Vard Promar. Within the shipyards are built oil and gas tankers, support vessels and etc., in addition to repairing when needed.




Petrochemicals Center

At Suape's Petrochemicals Center is located the biggest of all of Suape's Complex's enterprises: the Abreu e Lima Refinery, with a processing capacity of 230 thousand barrels of petroleum a day. In addition to the refinery, another two structuring companies operate: PQS, formed by the merging of Suape Petrochemical and Citepe, and M&G Polymers. Both are responsible for producing PET preform, a plastic resin recognized as the most resistant for the fabrication of plastic bottles and packages. PQS' plant also produces purified PTA and polyester filaments. The Petrochemical Center also supplies to six companies installed at Suape, strengthening the thickening of the industrial chain.




Plastic Preform Center

The center divides the companies that produce p.e.t. preform and plastic packages; their great majority is supplied with raw materials that come from Suape's Petrochemical Center, inside which nine companies are installed.




Wind Power Components Center

The Complex shelters a cluster of industries which produce wind power components, and are responsible for the construction of towers, flanges and wind turbine blades. The installed companies, especially in the manufacture of equipment, are the sector's support base within the state.  




Power Generation Center

The Power Generation Center has two thermoeletric powerplants: Suape Energy, with an installed capacity of 381.2 MW, and Termopernambuco, with the capacity to generate an average of 532 MW.




Building Materials Center

Within the Building Materials Center are some of the region's most important companies of the construction industry, responsible for supplying materials to  foster the development of Pernambuco and the Northeast.




Metalmechanics Center

Formed by base industries and supply industries belonging to the productive chain of petroleum, gas and naval.




Foods and Drinks Center

This center lodges important companies of the sector such as Bunge and Coca-Cola's "Happiness Factory", whose activity is producing soft drinks.




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